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Satellite TV News September 6, 2019


                         Satellite TV News September 6, 2019

Hot Bird 13B @ 13° East
Eutelsat 8K (France TV) demo (12437 H)
Eutelsat 8K (France TV) demo (12437 H)

Türksat 4A @ 42° East
Rumeli TV (12034 V)
Evin (11096 V)
Rumeli TV (12034 V)

Al Yah 1 @ 52.5 East
H music (11843 V)
N series (11843 V)
Hashieh TV (11843 V)
Kook TV (11843 V)

Pop Kids TV on AsiaSat 7

Redemption TV on Intelsat 20

Aljazeera Channel on AsiaSat 7

Firstlight on Intelsat 21

India  will be cutting a spot for itself  among the  world's space faring countries with ISRO's Chandrayaan 2 arriving as it endeavors to turn into the  fourth nation to arrive  on the  moon after the  former Soviet  Union,  US and China. On the off chance that effective, Chandrayaan 2 will be the  southernmost lunar landing ever on the moon's surface.

Guideline 261 of the Rajya Sabha standard book accommodates the expunction of words from procedures by the director. When a bit has been canceled from the records, the standard is that it ought not be rehashed in any media arrangement or alluded to somewhere else

The benefits board of trustees of the Rajya Sabha has held the editorial manager in-head of Sudarshan News TV, Suresh Chavhanke, "blameworthy of submitting gross rupture of benefit and hatred of the House" for utilizing oppressive words against then part Naresh Agarwal in July 2017 of every a program in which guests likewise issued physical dangers to the MP. The board has shunned conjuring punitive locale on the ground that it would just enable him to get greater attention.

The topic of exchange in the program was an erased comment Agarwal had made during a discourse on crowd lynching and outrages on minorities and Dalits. Agarwal, who was then with the Samajwadi Party before moving to the BJP, had communicated laments for his comments in the House that day itself




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