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Satellite TV News October 30, 2019


                      Satellite TV News October 30, 2019

Thaicom 5 @ 78.5° East
MVM (12313 V) FTA
Saradee 99 (12313 V)
Saradee 1 (12313 V)
Shop Channel (12313 V)
TVD Momo 1 (12313 V)
TVD Momo 2 (12313 V)
TVD Momo 3 (12313 V)
TVD 1 (12313 V)
TVD 3 (12313 V)
Tiger (12313 V)
Maya Channel (12313 V)
TOP (Dee Dee TV) (12313 V)
Mirror TV (12313 V)
Boomerang South East Asia (12313 V)
Kaset News (12313 V)
Topline Variety (12313 V)
Neramit (12313 V)
Star 1 (12313 V)
Star 2 (12313 V)
Star 3 (12313 V)
Five (12313 V)
Happy TV 65 (12313 V)
Mwd (12313 V)
Mwd Series (12313 V)
Mwd Variety (12313 V)
Mwd Movies (12313 V)
Mwd Documentary (12313 V)
Mwd Shopping (12313 V)
Mix Major Channel (12313 V)
NRC (12313 V)
MVTV (12313 V)
WSM TV (12313 V)
TVB (12313 V)
MV Lao (12313 V)
Hmong TV (12313 V)
Myanmar International (12313 V)

FEC G-Sat 31 @ 83° East
Tata Sky package (11470 H)
Zee TV India HD +1 (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Colors HD +1 (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
ETV HD (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Saam TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Subhavaartha TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Madha TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
CVR OM Spiritual (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
HMTV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
AM News (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Pitaara TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
DD Podhigai (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Sathiyam TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
NTV India (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Alankar TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
CVR News (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Subharti TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
DD Punjabi (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
AXN India HD (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
HBO South Asia HD (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
CNN News 18 (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Times Now (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Zee Sarthak (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Romedy Now (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Romedy Now HD (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Surya TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Channel 100 Gold (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Channel 100 Platinum (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Kochu TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
TV5 News (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Sakshi TV (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Mazhavil Manorama (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Asianet News (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Wow Music (Tata Sky, 11470 H)
Star World India (Tata Sky, 11470 H)

G-Sat 15 @ 93.5° East
DD National (11630 V)
Home Channel (11630 V)

Hot Bird 13B @ 13° East
CNC World English (12149 V)
Radio Kiss Kiss TV (11662 V)
TeF Channel (11662 V)

Eurobet 11 HD (11881 V) FTA now Eutelsat 9B @ 9° East

TBC 2 Tanzania (4184 L) left Intelsat 22 @ 72.1° East (C Band)

TV Today on Paksat 1R

Express Music on Paksat 1R

Saudi Moubashar on Al Yah 1

Grace City TV on Intelsat 20

My Righteous TV on Intelsat 20

Testimony TV on Intelsat 20

Bitlis TV on Türksat 3A

Somali News TV on Thaicom 6

STV Bangla on AsiaSat 7

New Africa TV Somali on Thaicom 6

Nabad TV on Thaicom 6

English Football League’s annual knockout competition - Carabao Cup heads towards another round of dramatic matches with some of the top clubs facing-off in the round of 16. The third round witnessed 32 teams battle it out for progression in the competition, with many scares and surprises as Manchester United needed penalties to overcome Rochdale - a League One team, while

Now that’s what we call a mother of an acquisition. French production company Banijay Group  – which is headed in Asia by Deepak Dhar – has announced that it will acquire the Walt Disney: Appollo Global Management-owned Endemol Shine Group at a sticker price of $2.2 billion

Rajasthan-based MSO Radiant Digitek Network, in which Fastway is also a shareholder, has entered into a strategic alliance with Nepal based MSO Divine Stream Network. With this alliance, Divine Stream Network customers will be able to watch Radiant Digitek TV channels. This makes Radiant Digitek Network Ltd. the first Indian MSO to expand internationally.

Radiant Digitek CEO Sanjay Gosain said, "We are delighted to expand our horizons in Nepal and our strategic alliance with Divine Stream Network who is a big MSO and top internet service provider in Nepal through a well laid out fiber network measuring close to 16000 Kms in Nepal will give us wider exposure even outside India."

Speaking on the occasion, Divine Stream Network's Suren Chhetri commented, "We are thrilled with this development and this alliance with Radiant Digitek Network Ltd. will not only give us insights into the way we can improve our Distribution in Nepal, it will also make us more competitive through the use of better hardware, technology, and localisation of content in Nepal."

In an updated filing with the US regulator the FCC, the C-Band Alliance (CBA) has offered to clear 300 MHz of C-band spectrum to support fast 5G wireless deployment throughout the continental US to protect existing satellite services from 5G interference.

New TP: 4135 V 2400
Start On New Frequency

FREQ: 3725 V 5000
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

 YAHASAT-1A @ 52'E
 TP: 12015 H 27500

FREQ: 3838 V 8000
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

TP:11845 V 27500

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